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Let your imagination run wild and create high quality movies in various resolutions, then publish them on the Internet for everyone to see


MAGIX Movie Editor Pro Plus is a comprehensive program designed for professional movie editing, with support for 3D clips, HD and 4K video and audio quality. The software allows you to edit clips and join them, apply filters, visual effects or advanced transitions. Moreover, you may publish the movies online straight from the application.

A software ready for high quality editing

MAGIX Movie Editor Pro Plus features advanced editing tools that support smooth clip editing for HD or 4K videos. With the help of the proxy editing feature, the software enables you to easily crop, trim or join clips. Multiple editing video and audio layers are supported, which means you may manually create special effects by overlaying media streams.

The software includes several templates, with preset titles and movie format indicators; thus, the blockbuster template marks the suitable scenes for close-ups, action or group shots. The software supports multiple input formats, created with both camcorders or professional cameras. You may add artistic video transition, since the application includes a large collection of animated effects.

Picture and audio editing

The software offers advanced functions for picture editing, such as lightning, color and sharpness adjustments. You may apply picture corrections without compromising the video or audio quality. Effects such as blur or focus are calculated by the computer’s graphics processor,

meaning the processes can be performed in a short time, with little resources.

You may also make use of the multiple timeline modes offered by the software, each specialized for a certain type of editing. For instance the storyboard mode allows you to easily view the scene sequence, while the timeline offers accuracy in defining scene duration. Moreover, you may apply professional montages with the help of the multi-cam mode.

Movie publisher

MAGIX Movie Editor Pro Plus allows you to publish your movies online straight after you finish editing them. The software supports uploading the videos to hosting websites, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Moreover, you may export the clips as high quality files to your computer or burn DVD and Blu-rays discs. Thus, MAGIX Movie Editor Pro Plus allows you to not only edit your movies in a professional way, but to also share them in virtual environments.


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